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Quick Tips for Caribbean Trips

As the winter escape season is here (it's snowing and about 27 degrees out where I am in New England) I thought it would be appropriate to do a post on vacation travel...then Tiffany Mullins from sent me these tips on preparing for my Caribbean vacation and I thought I would pass them along:

Quick Tips for Caribbean Trips
It can be easy to forget a few things during the hustle and bustle of packing. In order to prevent you from smacking your forehead in exasperation as you board the plane, we’ve put together a handy-dandy guide to make sure your all-inclusive Caribbean vacation sails as smooth as a catamaran. From packing tips to daily advice, we’ve got you covered.

Pack a Waterproof Camera
Sure, crystal clear water is ideal for swimming, snorkeling and scuba diving in the Caribbean Sea, but not so much when it comes to dropping your camera into the tide and losing your memories due to a case of the butterfingers. Bring a waterproof camera – it’ll put your mind at ease, so you can splash and frolic at the base of a waterfall with nary a worry in sight.

Bring Rechargeable Batteries
You’re going to be snapping pictures in all directions, so regular batteries just won’t do. Save the bank (and luggage space) by purchasing rechargeable batteries to capture every spectacular moment.

Include Hair Clips/Ties
If your locks are long, this must-have accessary will keep the salty breeze from wafting tresses directly into your mouth. Trust us - this makes a huge difference, especially when you’re windsurfing.

Don’t Forget Your Medications
As you’re packing up, it’s easy to get excited about those sandy white beaches and to forget your prescriptions. A few days before you leave, you should make sure your supplies are stocked and talk to your pharmacist to make sure you don’t need to bring anything else.

Footwear: Bring a Supply of Sandals
Packing light is always a challenge. (What if you need that bathing suit, too?) Rest at ease, you won’t require more than two pairs of sandals – one for dressy romantic dinners and one for more casual pursuits. Stilettos don’t fare too well in this sandy terrain.

Protect Your Eyes with Some Sweet Shades
You’ve been waiting for the perfect excuse to splurge on those glamorous sunglasses. And now – it’s here! Not only will the specs fling UV rays away from your eyes, your pictures will be tres elegante, too.

Cover Up
Wardrobe changes throughout the day may seem glamorous, but the novelty quickly wears off. By packing a comfy, cute cover up you can keep swimsuit-ing in style as you sip mimosas by the pool or read a spicy novel on the warm sand.

Water, Water, Everywhere
Drink up! The Caribbean sunshine and flowing adult beverages will leave you thirsting for some good ol’ H2O. The last thing you want is to be dehydrated during your romantic getaway, as this can cause headaches and put a real damper on things. Try adding a few slices of orange or lemon to infuse your water with minerals and nutrients depleted during a day in the sunshine.

Apply Lots of Sunblock
You may have imagined coming home from your Caribbean adventure bronzed and beautiful, but sunburn can sap the fun right out of it. Apply sunscreen regularly to keep the smiles coming!

Make a To-Do List
Don’t leave your island paradise with regrets. Start working on that to-do list now. Zip lining? Horseback riding? That gourmet restaurant you read about? If you keep it on your phone, you’ll be ready to edit the list whenever inspiration strikes.

Enjoy Your All Inclusive Vacation
Finally, don’t forget to smile (although all of the awesome times you and the love of your life will have makes this tip a bit of a no-brainer). Discover more ways to maximize the fun during your stay at your all inclusive Caribbean resort – we’ll see you soon!

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