Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Why invest in Belize Real Estate?

Belize is 70% less expensive than comparable Florida, central Caribbean and Mexican real estate and can be maintained at a fraction of the cost. Belize is still undervalued due to the government's small tax base and inability to market the country. All of this makes Belize an attractive investment for vacation, retirement, or rental income. Belize boasts retirement programs and tax incentives found nowhere else in the U.S.

While Belize has not done a good job in the past of marketing Belize...they have a new initiative which will improve the overall recognition of Belize as a good, attractive place to invest or retire. this government initiative is due to be rolled out this year (2009). This makes Belize even more attractive, because if you get in now...before everyone knows about it...you'll be ahead of the curve (appreciation curve).

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