Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year

Happy New Year to all who happen to read my blog; I've only been writing this blog for a month and have had over 200 visitors from 8 different counties!

Here is my hope for everyone in 2009...

"Prospero Año Nuevo" - have a prosperous new year.

I am certain that this is going to a fantastic year in Belize...especially at Orchid Bay! For starters, the letter written to the people of Belize by The Honorable Dean Barrow (Prime Minister of Belize)clearly states that, although there have been some major challenges, both in Belize and worldwide, the future of development in Belize is moving forward! You can read the letter here, San Pedro Daily.

As for development at Orchid Bay...well...let's just say that I will keep you "posted."

Thank you for reading...and I sincerely wish you "Prospero Año Nuevo" !

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