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Hard Assets Alliance

Hard Assets Alliance was created by a group of trusted independent financial researchers - some of whom you undoubtedly already know well. All of the Alliance members firmly believe that some amount of physical precious metals belongs in every investor's portfolio.
The singular purpose of the Alliance is to provide clients with a simple, low-cost way to buy and sell precious metal, with the convenience and security of ready storage inside or outside the United States.
The Alliance licensed the SmartMetals trading platform of a major wealth-management company whose resources, until now, were available only to large institutional clients. This arrangement allows Alliance members to make the SmartMetals platform, vault providers, and buying power available to average investors.
The Hard Assets Alliance offers real bullion ownership, with the ease of online buying, selling, and delivery capabilities. A comprehensive checklist of HAA advantages:
• Simple to buy and sell – everything can be done online
Open anaccount in a few hours – no need to submit notarized copies of multiple documents
• Easy to fund with a check, bank wire or ACH transfer (incoming only)
• Highly liquid – transactions accomplished with the click of a mouse
• Transportation and storage are handled for you (charges apply)
• Accurately assayed
• Unencumbered ownership – investors retain full title of the bullion
• Fully insured – all bullion stored by GBI is 100% insured through Lloyd’s of London
• Physical audits – GBI uses a Big Four accounting firm (KPMG) for physical verification of every bar stored
• Geographic diversification – store gold outside one’s home country
• No US reporting of foreign financial assets (FBAR and Form 8938)
• Physical delivery – elect physical delivery of bullion at any time, usually within 48 hours, and sent to most countries around the world (charges apply)
• Cost effective – precious metals are acquired from up to 14 compet­ing dealers and refiners, ensuring some of the lowest prices avail­able in the market
• Very competitive fees
• Low minimum investment ($5,000 for delivery and storage in the US, $10,000 for storage outside the US, on a “per item” basis) Limited regulatory risk – Gold bullion is not subject to changes in regulatory oversight by the CFTC
• Excellent storage locations – New York, Salt Lake City, Melbourne (Australia), London, Zurich, and Singapore
The Hard Assets Alliance is a far more attractive alternative than GLD and other paper forms of precious met­als. It’s just as easy to trade, yet you have the security of knowing you own specific physical metal, stored at a location of your choice (including internationally!), and you can take possession of your metal at any time.

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