Friday, May 16, 2014

Ever Been to The Hamptons?

Having grown up on Long Island, I found this article in the NY Times very interesting. While I grew up in Bellport (which is definitely west of the Canal), The Hamptons were not that far away...and yet they were miles apart.
Bellport is a great little town on the south shore of Long Island with a great deal of Hampton-esque qualities, yet it is not in The Hamptons and this article is about The we'll save my childhood for another post.
Photo courtesy of the NY Times
From a real estate perspective, the article in the Times is interesting to read, it explains a different side of The Hamptons very accurately; both in the sense that "west of the canal" is though of as ~not quite the Hamptons~ and in the description that "west of the canal" is just as nice as the "real" Hamptons...for a much smaller price tag.
If you are serious about owning in the Hamptons, east OR west of the canal, I wouldn't contact anyone but Lawrence at First Hampton International Realty in West Hampton Beach. His firm is extremely well versed in the various nuances of the different towns...make sure you tell him that SkipJack recommended you...and happy hunting...Oh...if you run into Michael J. Fox...tell him I said hello!

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