Wednesday, April 30, 2014

No More Minimum Investment for Precious Metals

This is typically about Caribbean vacation spots, or resorts but I have to pass this information along about the potential for storing your gold or precious metal investment offshore. I recently partnered with Hard Assets Alliance...and they are changing the rules...for us investors...making it easier to get started if you're a novice and making it make more sense if your an experienced metals have to read this letter:

Dear Investor, 

This may be some of the most welcome news you'll receive from the Hard Assets Alliance. And it's something we - after a good deal of time and negotiation - are very pleased to announce.
Starting immediately, we no longer have a minimum purchase requirement.
Our no-minimum-purchase policy means you can buy:

-Any of our precious metals products...
-In any quantity...
-As available at any of our six storage locations...
-Within any account type...
-At any time.

The choice is yours. No exclusions, no restrictions, and no red tape.

My name is Mark Loddo, and I'm the director of customer service at the Hard Assets Alliance.

I can tell you that being able to negotiate away our minimum-purchase requirements has only been possible thanks to our great customers (many of whom I've had the pleasure of working with one-on-one) and their loyal support.

In the past, our dealer network required minimum orders of $5,000 per item for delivery or storage in the US, and $10,000 for storage overseas.

But no more.

Thanks to the sheer volume of sales that customers like you have generated, our network of refiners and wholesale dealers has agreed to permanently waive its minimum-purchase requirements.

Delivering this kind of great news makes my day - and hopefully yours too. And frankly, the timing couldn't be better - the events that have unfolded in Ukraine combined with a frothy US stock market that seems to be slowing are clear reminders that your wealth needs to be insured.

And at the Hard Assets Alliance, we believe the best insurance for your wealth is a reasonable position in precious metals.

There's no time like the present to get started. And now, with no minimum order required to buy metals in your Hard Assets Alliance account, it's even easier to get the protection you need.

You can sign up in less than 10minutes with our simple online application form. If you've already taken the first step and opened your account, you can fund at any time and begin buying precious metals in the quantities that best suit your needs and your budget.

We're here to help you get started today.

Best regards,
Mark Loddo
Mark Loddo
Director of Customer Service
Hard Assets Alliance

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