Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Why Consider a Retirement Overseas?

With retirement savings dwindling, more and more of us are wondering if we’ll be able to retire as planned. Many baby boomers, especially, will have to keep working long past traditional retirement age just to make up for the beating their retirement plans have taken in recent years....Or maybe not.

It’s quite possible that you can still retire as planned…and maybe even retire earlier than expected. How? By retiring overseas.
A foreign retirement isn’t for everyone, of course. Family obligations may be an issue for some people. Others might not be comfortable in a place where they don’t speak the language. But if you’re the adventuresome type…or if you’ve dreamed of living in an exotic location–maybe on a sultry tropical beach, in a pristine mountain hideaway, or in a sophisticated, culturally rich city–with better weather and a lower cost of living, retirement overseas may be for you.

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