Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Cayman Islands Trip

Earlier this month I had the pleasure of visiting the Cayman Islands for a week of rest and relaxation...what a great trip, I absolutely love this place! While out walking with my friend Steve, who has been here several times before, he told me that he really loves coming here....I added that it felt very detached without feeling like you were in a third world country...he agreed emphatically.
The resort was great, we stayed at the Grand Caymanian, which is now owned by the Holiday Inn Resorts...great location, great service, great food and great weather! Restaurants on the island are plentiful, but my best recommendation is Casanova by the Sea and for fun...Margaritaville of course! Real estate here is a bit on the expensive side, but if you were to buy for the purpose renting, you'll do just fine. I checked a few places for rent and for sale while I was there and found that the few places I checked out were booked pretty solid for 3 months out and were getting a very good price by the week. Grand Cayman is definitely on my radar. There's plenty do here and you can't beat the business services available...everyone knows that it is great banking haven, and setting up an IBC here is still a great opportunity. We went snorkeling with Captain Marvin's Charters (none of us are scuba divers) and had an extraordinary day...visited the famous Stingray City and snorkeled at a few reef-side stops. Our crew was fantastic and made every effort to make sure everyone enjoyed themselves.
There is no question that I will be back next year!! Drop me an email or leave a comment here if you're interested in buying property here, I am discussing an agreement with one of the islands top developers with some real nice condo developments under construction now!

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