Sunday, March 10, 2013

Pirate Themed Vacations

This is for all of my Parrot Head Phriends out there...I recently came across a web site featuring vacations based on a Pirate theme!!! Well Maties...this looked right up my alley! And since Belize is one of my favorite destinations, Captain Morgan's Resort is a great place to start. Captain Morgan's always gets a great review and Belize was ranked as one of the top 10 destinations for 2012...and the Mayans were wrong!!! Belize is still there, and only 2 hours from Miami.

Picture yourself out on this beauty!

Drinking lot's of Rum!!

Or on this beauty...the M/S G&G based in Europe!

Charter this one with a crew and do a Pirate themed vacation cruise!


And end up looking, dressing and acting like this!!
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I'm pretty certain that you have to provide your own Wenches!!!!

This one can be found at FLuxuryWorld

So go have some fun...find a Pirate themed vacation or charter a sail boat for the real adventure...and tell 'em SkipJack recommended it to you!!!

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