Friday, October 19, 2012

Expats with Savannah Jane Buffet

Having grown up sailing on an old 34' sloop on the Great South Bay (the south shore of Long Island, NY), then moving to land-locked Nashua, New Hampshire about 20 years ago, I've been feeling severely land-locked! So, I've taken to reading about sailing and following a few potential opportunities that might help me get my sea legs again. Since one of my mottoes is "If you're going to think...may as well think big" I'm working towards this 50 footer!
But, since I'm not there yet, I thought I would find a way to live vicariously through someone else who is there! manna from heaven (really from my FB friend RumShop Ryan) Ryan posted this video episode of the Expat series on Youtube! If you have ever even thought about escaping to the tropics...this is a must see! It is about 24 minutes long, and is part of a series hosted by Savannah Jane Buffett (yup! Jimmy's daughter), so take some time out and enjoy this guys story! By the way, he is a fellow New Englander...or was!
Check out new Chillin' Like a Villin' page for some relaxation techniques (okay, so they're hammocks)...more to come!
Almost forgot to mention...Savannah is a pleasure to watch...I'd love to meet her!

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