Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Developer Sponsored "Discovery" Tours

When you think of a developer sponsored "discovery" Tour, some cannot help but think about the days of old when you were sucked into a 90 minute timeshare tour...this is NOT the case AT ALL!!! At least not with the folks at Orchid Bay in Belize with their "Insider's Tour", nor is the case with the folks at Seaside Mariana with their "Discovery" Tour in Nicaragua.

These tours are designed, and well executed by these developers, to help you discover their little piece of paradise. But let's face it, my particular spot in the sand and sun may not jive with what you have in mind...so they have designed these tours to be tailored to making the best of your trip, and to provide you with as much information as possible to help you with your investment...which is why you are going in the first place.

Tours in both of these locations consist of seeing the property of course, but you also get to experience some of the local culture, meet some of the local people and really get a feel for the place before making any kind of commitment.
SkipJack's recommendation...take them up on their offer...it is generally a very good one! And a great way to explore and discover a new place...a place you might be calling home soon!

Both of these properties can be purchased and owned using your self-directed IRA...click here for more info.


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