Wednesday, April 20, 2011

ZeePlane! Zee Plane!

When the developers at Orchid Bay, Belize told me they were adding several airplane "hanger lots" the first thing I thought of was Tattoo shouting "Zee Plane...Zee Plane" at the beginning of Fantasy Island! But it's true, they've added an airstrip which will accommodate small airplanes!
Just imagine flying into your own airstrip, taxiing to your house and parking your Piper in the hanger...which, just happens to be attached to your waterfront home! A true fly-in residence on the water.
Send me an email if you are interested in the full details...this has to be the coolest addition to any of the unbelievable developments I am involved with!
By the way...Orchid Bay has been selling out of the monthly us now if you have plans to travel to Belize...

Keep the shiny side up!



Best Caribbean Vacations said...

I think that is every pilots dream to live with their airplane in the garage next to a runway.

Nick Jacobs said...

I need great recommendations for good places for winter vacations. I can't stay in New England all winter. Which Caribbean island is best?

Anonymous said...

Fly in & fly out properties, gaining popularity in North America and now in Belize! Excellent idea :)

Cheers, Tee

Tee is Senior Editor of digital magazine about Costa Rica and about Surfing Costa Rica