Sunday, December 5, 2010

My old friend from Jamaica!

I recently took a job in the industry I have spent most of life in...the automotive accessory business...specifically custom wheels and hit the road to visit my best and favorite customers from the past (I've been out of the wheel business for about 5 years). One of my first stops was in Hartford to visit my friend Dennis...he owns a small tire shop in Hartford and is one of my favorites...if you've ever had the opportunity to get to know anyone from Jamaica, you know exactly why...warm and friendly...that's all I need to say.
When Kate told Dennis I was in the front waiting room, all I heard was "holy @#$% Mon! Bob!" And out Dennis came from the back room with a great big smile and a warm (man) hug! Now...remember, I had not seen Dennis in about 5 years, so this was a great welcome!
After catching up, and letting him know I was back in the wheel business I told him that I expected that he would have been retired and living in Jamaica by now...he went on to explain that he is building a small condo development in Mandeville and proceeded to show me some pictures...what a fabulous deal....I explained that I have this blog and my web site at and when he was ready to start selling, I'd be happy to help!
Now, Mandeville is located inland, and is not ocean-front; but it is in an elevated parish and has some of the best views you can imagine, and also has some fabulous weather!I'll be providing more on these condos as Dennis provides me with more info and when he establishes the selling price (which will be in the mid-$300,000's for a 3 bedroom.
I always find it amusing how the sixth degree of separation applies in so many different this case it was two-fold because here, Dennis and I can connect on a whole different level, outside of the auto biz and as we continued to speak, we discovered that he knows the folks at Tyres-R-Us in Kingston, Jamaica...obviously through being in the same industry for him, but I actually sold these folks a new enterprise software system during my short stint in the technology industry. Strangely, my first sale in that industry was to these good folks in Jamaica....and I have to say that Sarah and her husband Andrew are fabulous people as well!
Now all I have to do is find someone interested in a condo in Jamaica Mon...and I am on my way there!
Anyway...stay tuned, Dennis and I are going to work out the details of the sale price etc and I will get them listed on my web site and cover all the details here as well. And as soon as I can get down there, I will get all the info on the surrounding area, restaurants, bars...what to do there and get some photos of the condos themselves. The pics I saw showed me some real nice stuff and quality construction!

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