Tuesday, August 10, 2010

AARP says Belize one of the best places to retire!

Okay, so I am not ready to sign up for a membership with the AARP but I am getting close...and I am getting their mailers...and I do have to hand it to these folks for the accurate and thorough information they provide!
I've been thinking that I want to live in the Caribbean BEFORE I retire, but one of the benefits that Belize has to offer for their retirement program is that you only have to be 45 years old...which I DO qualify for!

Here's my top ten reasons to choose Belize for your retirement home:
1. English speaking (in Central America!)
2. Relatively easy to get to (only two hours from Miami or Houston)
3. Great diving (World Heritage barrier reef)
4. Great fishing (deep sea or flats)
5. Great retirement program (at least for now)
6. Under-developed (for now)
7. Plenty of stuff to do (diving, fishing, caving, Maya ruins)
8. Wonderful people
9. Low cost of living (even on the islands)
10. Orchid Bay Belize

But don't just take my word for it...read the AARP article here.

Hit 'em straight!



SkipJack said...

Orchid Bay, Belize to be featured on House Hunters International Tuesday, September 7th at 10:30PM EDT

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