Thursday, May 13, 2010

"Twenty degrees and the hockey game's on..."

All right...anyone that knows me, knows that I love Bubba's music and that I love ice hockey! but my Bruin's are starting to scare me! If I had a six-shooter I probably would've shot six holes in my freezer after tonight's performance!
Alright...back to my own private JBS (Jimmy Buffett Syndrome) for which the only known cure is a margarita on the rocks and the sound of some steel drums or a six-string instead of the six gun.
I had a very interesting conversation with one of the founders of Orchid Bay in Belize and the CEO of 7th Heaven Properties in London earlier this week (I helped bring the two together on a marketing partnership)from both ex...what was amazing to hear from both executives, is that they both emphatically stated that there is a tremendous amount of activity in Caribbean real estate by buyers! Great news for those of us who want to go where it's warm! Ari Kahn from Orchid Bay stated that while sales "are not where they were in '08 they are way up compared to '09" and Walter Zephirin of 7th Heaven Properties stated that "interest and activity amongst Caribbean real estate buyers is up nearly 70%...especially with buyers looking for homes in the $1.5 million to $5 million range."
Another common theme from both executives was that it appears that people in Europe and the US are sick of the high cost of living and exorbitant taxes...both of their web sites have free information on the cost of living in a variety of locations...well the Orchid Bay site is focused on Belize...but if you have a specific Caribbean country you would like more information about...just send me an email and I will get you that info...
For now though...hit 'em straight and put the six-shooter away...Bruin's will take it from the Flyers in game 7...hey that goes with Walter's 7 theme and the 7th Heaven Properties website!


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