Tuesday, January 26, 2010

You'd Better Belize It!

While everyone out there is singing the blues...Belize continues to rock 'n roll. 2009 was an extraordinary year at Orchid Bay where the infrastructure has been virtually completed! What does that mean? Quite simply, from the Caribbean developer's point of view...it changes EVERYTHING...it means that owners can actually begin to move in. It also means that the pace at which future benchmarks are achieved will quicken and the community will begin to take shape!
This also means that it makes sense for House Hunters International to come down and film an episode which will include a homeowner taking occupancy at Orchid Bay...which is exactly what they are doing! In fact, I'm pretty sure that they were there last week and completed the filming.
Just for the record...Orchid Bay sold 18 of the 24 planned Casitas like the one pictured above...that leaves only six left and at $159K (with a rental management company in place) I'd hurry to grab one of the last remaining six! Just shout at me here by posting a comment (I monitor all comments personally) or by visiting SkipJackMarketing.com to request more information.
Why Belize? You may ask...Because it simply the best value in Caribbean Real Estate...bar none!

Hit 'em straight! (And please see my post on how to help in Haiti)


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