Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Dominica gets $40 million for infrastructure

Dominica's Prime Minister Skerrit signed a "framework" agreement with China this past Wednesday in the capitol city of Roseau. The agreement will loan Dominica $40 million for the purpose of the construction and expansion of the Dominica State College, the construction of the State House; construction of new facilities to house the offices of the Electoral Commission and the rehabilitation of major roads in Roseau; according to Dominica News Online.
According to some of the comments left online about this article, the residents of Dominica would like to see some improvements throughout the small island nation rather than only in the capital city of Roseau. From what I understand, the roads could be improved leading from Roseau to destinations such as Portsmouth in the north.Making the rest of the island more accessible for tourists will make it more enjoyable to visit and will lead to more visitors, especially overnight visitors which is what Dominica needs to improve.
As for it being a Caribbean Real Estate opportunity, I can only see the future being bright for this wonderful country. As this kind of investment in the country becomes more prominent and the ability to get from south to north, not to mention the possibility of a new airport...well...hell it can only improve!
It is after all...the Caribbean's "Nature Island" and who wouldn't want to visit the place where Johnny Depp made Pirates of the Caribbean! The development opportunity is ripe for the taking for resort developers with the vision to see two or three years down the road. This is a magnificent little country with a tremendous opportunity for the eco-tourist; even today there are several resorts with the secluded jungle type vacation as well as the ocean front vacation. I am going to pay close attention to the little sleeper, watch as things begin to happen here over the next few years...I think we are all in for a treat!

Sorry it was so long between posts this time around, it has been incredibly busy for me launching the new web site at SkipJackMarketing and preparing for an upcoming webinar with the Entrust Group and with the guys over at Orchid Bay, Belize. Once we have the date and time established, I will post an invite to the webinar. Orchid Bay will be presenting about their wonderful piece of paradise in Belize...and Entrust will be presenting on how to buy your piece of paradise using your IRA or 401K!

'Til then...hit 'em straight!



Mick said...

Interesting piece. What are China's interests in Dominica? Or is this purely financial?

It often happens that capitals are the only areas that benefit from large investments such as these. It’s a pity as $40 mil would go a long way to improve the rest of the country.

SkipJack said...

Hi Mick,

Sorry I took so long to comment back on this...quite honestly, I missed it. My understanding is that China's interest is purely financial; but I also understand that the funds are to be used for roadways from Roseau to the northern parts of the island.
Thank you for your comment and for reading!

Happy sailing!