Thursday, August 13, 2009

Invest in Real Estate without actually buying the RE...?

Okay, so this is supposed to be all about the Caribbean, Caribbean adventures, experiences and opportunities...but every now and then an opportunity comes up that simply breaks the mold!
Actually, my friend Thom (who is the managing partner in this new fund) is my first real estate colleague who opened the doors to all these real estate opportunities. Thom is a developer in the Rocky Mountains (okay, a bit colder at times, but certainly a paradise in it's own right).
Thom just opened up The Income Fund, LLC specifically to take advantage of an opportunity in the Teton Valley. Here's what happened...the FDIC took over one of the largest mortgage holders in the region and The Income Fund is planning to buy some of these mortgages (secured of course, by the homes and the property)from the FDIC (which doesn't want them) at a pretty steep discount...can you say instant equity!?
This is a perfect opportunity to own a piece of a (real estate investment)company, get into the real estate market when the time is...well...perfect! And do it without becoming a landlord! It is a fantastic opportunity to rebuild the IRA portfolio because your self-directed IRA can own units in The Income situation! If you don't have a self-directed IRA, will soon, it's the smartest way to take control of your future and my guess is that my general readership is pretty smart!
For further here on The Income Fund, LLC and to learn more about self-directed IRAs click here.

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