Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Dominica’s Dive Fest 2009

All I can say is that I’m sorry I missed this year’s Dive Fest in Dominica. It was held from July 10th through the 19th and apparently was a huge success. The Dominica Watersports Association has been promoting awareness of Dominica’s marine environment through this week-long event since 1994.

Word is getting out about the colorful reefs, the lush tropical landscape, incredible waterfalls, warm hot spring and a natural “boiling” lake! A bit difficult to get to, but well worth the trip…Dominica is an eco-tourist’s heaven!

Dominica is located between Martinique and Guadalupe in the Eastern Caribbean and is known as the Caribbean’s “Nature Island.” It was recently reported that Dominica will be the leader in eco-tourism throughout the region for the next ten years, so I would imagine that it will become easier to get to…right now though, the trip getting there is an adventure in itself! But well worth apparently…they have Mermaids there!

I found a tremendous Dominica real estate opportunity for the right developer to build, what I envision as, a luxury boutique eco-resort...complete with a marina.

One thing I have not found here just yet is a golf course…but what hell…tee ‘em up and hit ‘em anyway…then grab an ice cold Kubuli (beer brewed in Dominica) and a Mermaid or two…and well…you get the idea!

'Til next time......SkipJack

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