Thursday, June 4, 2009

Funding Real Estate Projects...

In all the networking I do on Facebook, LinkedIn, Meetthephlockers and Twitter I have the good fortune of coming in contact with some very interesting and knowledgeable people. Although I've only just met (correction..."cyber-met) Jillian Sidoti, I took at a look at her web site...and I am convinced that these seminars "Optimal OPM" have a lot to offer.

If you need money to fund your real estate projects and having trouble figuring out how, THIS IS THE SEMINAR FOR YOU!

At OPTIMAL OPM you will learn how to:

* Take your real estate business to the next level without the use of a bank

* Fund your real estate projects effectively and legally

* Advertise to investors without going public

* Take your company public without spending a fortune

* Implement different strategies that will have investors saying “I want to be a part of that”

* Start a good fund that can encompass all of your projects

* Plus: The great benefits of starting your own REIT


Jillian Sidoti, Attorney at Law

Chris Yates, Founder and Principal of the CM Yates Companies

Curtis Gabhart, Partner, ACI Commerical, Inc.

This next seminar is in San Diego, CA on August 1st & 2nd so if you are or can be in the area, I'm pretty certain that it will be worth your while...I'm trying to rearrange my schedule so that I can be there...there's certainly some good golf in the area, that's for

Hit 'em straight in San Diego!


PS: Can't make this seminar? Get this free CD on investing in RE with your IRA

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