Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Caribbean RE investing with your IRA

It is absolutely amazing...the response I get when I mention in conversation, that you can invest in real estate using your retirement account. Inevitably, I get "I didn't think you could do that?"

So...this post is all about this free offer for free information on how to invest in Caribbean real estate (or any real estate for that matter) using your IRA or 401K plan money and the unique opportunities I have available...

Get a free CD explaining how to invest in Real Estate using your IRA/401K funds. Then take a good look at this multi-use development in Victor, Idaho…just a short commute from the booming (and yes…still growing) Jackson Hole, WY. No real estate to buy or manage…simply invest in the development project itself…phase II shares are almost sold out and when Phase III shares begin to be offered, Phase II shares instantly gain 20%!
We are also seeking investment partners for our development in Belize. Infrastructure is nearly complete and home construction is about to begin. Immediately following this benchmark we are beginning construction on our 125-unit condominium project. The time to get in on this project is now!

Where else are you going to earn 20% today? (This does NOT have to be a retirement account investment; shares can be bought in a traditional manor as well).

Get the free CD here…

For more info on this project send me an email at

Hit 'em straight...or go fishing!


Scott said...

"...when Phase III shares begin to be offered, Phase II shares instantly gain 20%!"

I am curious to hear how one can make such a claim.

Bob said...

Scott, Phase I shares were sold at $12k each, Phase II shares are currently being sold at $15k each and the final shares will be sold at $18k each.
The NAV on the project is currently higher than the cost of the remaining Phase II shares. This means that the investor, literally, gains appreciation in share value instantly.

Thanks for your comment and for visiting my blog!


Rick said...

Bob, sounds great but I was reminded of the recent closure of one of your local banks by the FDIC. When asked how it happened the CEO of the parent back stated "Teton Valley's depressed real estate market contributed significantly to the problem". I wonder if I should invest my remaining retirement funds in your "booming" real estate market.

Jered said...

There is a new report on the Teton Valley real estate market.Looks like prices are headed back up now that the County has just about stopped any new development.

Jackson Hole is not affordable for most buyers so they are buying in Teton Valley and getting much more value.


Bob said...

Thanks for that comment Jered...Rick, it appears that neither booming nor depressed are the correct descriptors in this case. Thank you for the comments, and for reading my blog.