Monday, April 20, 2009

I ain't just Belize anymore...

This all started out as an adventure in marketing a new development in Belize and since jumping in with both feet the morphing has been unstoppable! I have had discussions with real estate developers in Mexico, Brazil, Ecuador, Dominican Republic and even as far away as Cambodia!

Now I find myself on the verge of creating a whole new marketing company focused on tropical real cool is that!? I also discovered recently, that I am a truly qualified Parrot Head and I suppose that that fact alone qualifies me to promote island/tropical real estate. With all of that being said, I will be launching a new website within the next few weeks as I now have an agreement with a developer of a five star resort in the Dominican Republic...details will be forthcoming...but I will tell you that it is beautiful...tropical...they have a beach and they serve rum!

Another discovery I made is that all this real estate investing can be done using your IRA/401K retirement plan funds...yes...legally! (There are some restrictions, but it is possible!)

So...stay tuned while I morph myself into an international real estate marketing tycoon...specializing in Caribbean real estate, Caribbean hot spots and a whole bunch out Donald!

Hit 'em straight...and if you end up in the beach...throw down a blanket and put on the sun block!

PS: I have also discovered an unbelievable online radio make sure to check it out!

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