Monday, March 16, 2009

Ultimate Event IV; Quito, Ecuador...

Wow! Have I been bad about posting anything new! But it's been a heck of a few weeks! I didn't get to go to Quito, but the rest of the guys who did go from Orchid Bay had a fantastic week. Me...I was "stuck" having to attend my first ever Parrot Head Convention!

Poor...poor pitiful me! Ha! What a blast...3 nights, 7 bands...this job is horrible! But somebody's got to do it!

Back to Quito, where International Living hosted the Ultimate Event IV. Some of the best info you'll ever get on living abroad...where to investment real beaches...and of course Orchid Bay. The event is over...done...and won't be back until 2010! But I worked out an arrangement with the folks at International living to make the recorded version available to my readers...the Ultimate Event IV at home kit is available here!

Some of the best experts on topics like, using your 401K money to invest in real estate, buying real estate on the Mediterranean, what's the hottest spot in Brazil? Click here for this exclusive recording...if you missed the event (or even if you went) you will want this invaluable tool.

Orchid Bay had an incredible show, and found that while the economy is turmoil, smart investors who are doing their research are indeed...investing in Belize! Our "Insider's Tour" for April is going to be the biggest and most exciting yet as we focus the tour on the Mayan history that is so much a part of the Belizean culture.

Reserve your spot for the April Tour by clicking here.

And as always, find out more about how to invest in real estate using your 401K or IRA funds by clicking here.

I'll fill you in on the Parrot Head Conference in the next post! Until then...hit'em straight!

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