Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Many ask..."What's the attraction in Belize?"

I had this conversation the other day with a friend of mine...He asked "Why do I keep hearing about Belize lately?"

I don't know why there is a big "buzz" about Belize lately, but I do know that Belize is absolutely beautiful and has so much to offer. For starters...I work with a developer which is actually building a village and to be involved in this from the extreme early stages is very exciting. Real Estate in Belize is undervalued compared to places like Florida and Costa Rica which means that the opportunity as an investment is outstanding! Appreciation on real estate is still growing at about 20% and ocean front grows even more.

I told him about the Bay of Chetumal which separates Belize from Mexico; this magical Bay is where Manatees mate and an abundance of fish are there for the sports fisherman's delite. This shallow Bay is large as far as Bays go, but protected enough to generally be calm for boaters and again, the fishing is amazing!

At the end of the conversation and after a more than a few Coronas, my buddy was ready to relocate! I gave him the name of the development and gave him a few geographical reminders of where Belize is located and I know he was going home to look it up.

This is the kind of conversation I frequently find myself in lately...when someone asks about Belize, I go off about all the country has to offer...then we digress to the current market conditions here in the US...and that always leads me to my discussion about buying real estate using my 401k money. Most cannot believe that you can do this, but you can...take a look at the latest blog I keep tabs on at Entrust Northeast...this is very cool stuff and opens up a lot of opportunities.

Like I said, when I start talking about Belize, it's hard to stop me...unless you get me talking about Jackson Hole, Wyoming...but that's a whole other story!

I'll introduce you to my buddy Thom in Wyoming next time, that is a paradise of a different kind but paradise none-the-less!

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