Saturday, February 28, 2009

Leonardo DiCaprio in Belize!

Just as the group from Orchid Bay are headed to the Ultimate Event IV in Quito, Ecuador next week, I am preparing to head north to Maine for a Parrot Head convention! Somehow, when Jimmy said "Changes in Latitudes" I think he meant lower latitudes!

Leonardo DiCaprio is changing his latitude; he's building a new five star resort on an island off the coast of Belize he bought a few years back. According to Cheyenne Morrison of The Islomaniac blog DiCaprio and Four Season's will construct the world's first eco-friendly island resort on Blackadore Caye.
DiCaprio fell in love with Belize back in 2004 and runs an eco-friendly web site alongside his fan site. And, according to Morrison doesn't just talk the talk, DiCaprio actually walks the walk; he drives a hybrid car, flies commercial and has solar panels on his house!
Leonardo joins the likes of Francis Ford Copala, who also boasts a very private resort in Belize.

Until the next time...hit 'em...just hit 'em!

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