Friday, February 13, 2009

First Orchid Bay webinar a huge success...

I missed the actual live webinar, but listened in on the recorded version and what great tool this is. First, the folks at The Entrust Group gave an overview of what a self-directed IRA is and how simple it is to set up, then they explained how easy it is to invest in real estate using that account!

Then we had Phil Hahn who is one of the founders at Orchid Bay explain everything you ever wanted to know (well almost) about investing in Belize, the project at Orchid Bay, the economy in Belize...Phil covered a boatload of information.

Phil is committed to doing plenty more of these informational webinars and I am certain that he will cover a whole lot more as time goes on. Like real estate appreciation in Belize, especially at Orchid Bay. But I am certain that he will touch on the things he loves about the country Manatees, boating and fishing. I'm hoping to get down there real soon to do some Bone Fishing with him.

This is very exciting times at Orchid Bay and in Belize in general, don't miss mark this blog and keep up to date on the opportunities available in paradise and all kinds of different happenings in Belize.

Til then...hit 'em straight or fish 'em out!

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Brendan said...

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