Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Want to get away...?

Southwest Airlines does a good job with this ad phrase...generally following a display of someone performing a major faux pas! This time though, I am using it as a follow up to the devastating ice storms here in New Hampshire...followed by a 4-5 inch snow fall this morning!

Hello...? There are still 69,000 people without power! I guess that's not so terrible since it is estimated that nearly 400,000 were without power last week...I'm one of the "have's" right now...NH residents have a new class definition going on...have's (those who have power) and the have not's (you can figure this one out!)

I figure it might be a good time to start looking at getting away...and if you've ever thought about buying real estate in a vacation spot, Belize is the place to look. My buddy at Orchid Bay and his crew host a monthly "Insider's tour" where you get an awesome deal to stay in Belize for a few days for short money, and you get to meet the guys and girls involved in this project.

If you want to escape the wintery mix crap that's been thrown our way in northern New England sign up now at, they have one scheduled for January 16-18 and then again in February on the 13-15th...what better way to celebrate Valentine's Day?

Hit 'em straight or don't hit 'em at all!


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