Tuesday, December 9, 2008

TacoGirl and my own JBS...

When I first came up with it, I thought I was an original...but when I Googled "Jimmy Buffett Syndrome" I came up with about 120 sites with the words "Jimmy Buffett Syndrome" and I used quotes!
Anyway...I am certain that I have it...have had it for about 5 years now, and still have not made the move...at least not permanently. I do however, have the pleasure of being associated with the previously mentioned Orchid Bay development in Belize.

But for now, and until I get to visit San Pedro, I will be following the TacoGirl blog...it appears that she made the leap already and I am very envious...I hope Tacogirl will follow my blog as our project develops...and please...please...keep writing TacoGirl...because, until I get there for at least half of the year, your daily grind and your photos are fantastic!

Trust me when I tell you that my self diagnosis is real...I have not "Shot 6 holes in my freezer" yet...but the temps here hit near zero degrees last night! "I gotta go where it's warm" and apparently TacoGirl is "Already Gone!" (Okay...so that's The Eagles, but hey...you get the idea!)

Until I get there...hit 'em straight!

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tacogirl said...

Hey Bob great blog you have and thanks for the mention.