Monday, December 15, 2008

"I shot six holes in my freezer..." I didn't actually shoot holes in my freezer but I cam close this weekend! I live in southern New Hampshire and got hit with an ice storm that will go down in history! There's only a million people in New Hampshire and 300,000 were without power!
I'll tell you what, I'd prefer snow over this any day! This pic is not my neighborhood but it may as well be. I don't think Jimmy (Buffett) ever lived this far north, but I guess he may have experienced this in lights, no heat..."I gotta go where it's warm..." was on my mind every time I walked into a different room and flicked the light switch...duh! there's NO ELECTRICITY! Amazing what we take for granted.
but after 41 hours we have heat and electricity back and all is well...although there is still plenty of people without!
I'm very happy to have my 'puter back!
Now I'm back in the office and we NO heat HERE!
Can't wait to get to Belize!

Hit 'em straight!


tacogirl said...

Oh boy what a storm. I am sending you some sunshine and warmth.

Anonymous said...

...please where can I buy a unicorn?