Sunday, December 7, 2008

Calling all entrepreneurs...

Orchid Bay is a rapidly developing development (ha!) in northern Belize. With construction on new homes and casitas underway and the plans for the condominiums in the first quarter, there is a tremendous opportunity staring entrepreneurs in the face.
If you have been planning or dreaming of opening a business in the Caribbean, this is an opportunity you absolutely need to explore!
Imagine owning the spa or gym in this small community, the jewelry store, the local watering hole or beach side restaurant...Orchid Bay is about to come to fruition, so if you are interested drop me a note at or add a comment here and I will make sure you get the necessary information. You can also get a better picture of the development at buyorchidbay This is an opportunity well worth a good look.
I am going to speak to a buddy of mine who owns a gym here in my home town to recommend it to him, so who knows...the gym/spa/salon opportunity could be spoken for by the time I post next!

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