Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Back to Orchid Bay...

I digressed a bit with all the recent weather here in northern New England I got carried away with my own woes...and I promised that this would be a blog about what is happening in Belize and more specifically at Orchid Bay! Actually...it is quite beautiful here in NH if you like the snow!

Any way...here is a few pictures of Orchid Bay, they sorta...kinda...are chronological from jungle to the construction of the dock and the first Casitas (beach bungalow.)

Nothing but jungle in the beginning!

Ariel view of Orchid Bay

The Dock at Orchid Bay has been added

Starting construction

Starting construction on the utility building

Ta Da!!!!!!!!

More to come...don't forget...Insider's Tour coming in January...sign up now...

Hit 'em straight...or go find 'em yourself!

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